About The Flash Card Demo

Select the modules from navigation to view the current setup modules with associated flash cards. You will be able to open the flash card presentation for each module from this location.

The cards view will allow you to see the flash card data in AirTable. We link the card to a single class/module.

Click the button below for a quick card display example presentation


Reveal.Js and Setup

Using the javascript libarary Reveal.js allows us to lean on a powerfull engine to present dynamic flash card presentations. Currently we are leveraging the AirTable online DB and API to store the dynamic flash card data and modules/classes. This can be developed to use any unique DB/API connection.



CSS Files and Themes
You will need to download and include the specific CSS and Theme distributions.
Make sure to keep ALL reveal.js data in its own window - reveal.js css/js don't work well with other frameworks.
Make sure to download and include the latest reveal.js distributed javascript files
The reveal object needs to be initialized - reaad the usage documents at reveal.js

Using AirTable

AirTable offers a lightweight cloud based data access opportunity. Easy to manage API's and full API descriptions make AirTable an easy data modeling tool for building out demo projects.