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Mitigating risk while forging long term client relationships.
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Supply Chain

Working with clients to negotiate difficult supply chain and support.
Integration, Design and Implementation.

Supply Chain

Strategic Sales

Managing procurement and strategy for business and government.
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Bringing over 25 years experience in strategic sales, warehouse and supply chain logistics, Yellow Toad is poised to manage your procurement strategies and supply. Agents of change, we are here to work WITH you to determine how to best manage procurement strategy, discover supply chain opportunity and build long term client relationships.
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Warehouse Management

Let us evaluate your warehouse software for vulnerability, ease of use and fit within your organization. WE come with over 20 years of development, deployment and integration of warehouse management software. Stop losing time and money compensating for a weak supply chain where it starts. Your warehouse!

Logistics Support

These trying times require more scrutiny of your logistics situation each day. With certain aspects of supply chain causing hiccups in your existing logistics layout it can become difficult to manage your customer expectation. It is important to regularly evaluate certain choke points in your logistics strategy to maintain your edge over the competition.

Strategic Sales

Bringing over 25 years in Domestic and International Sales, Yellow Toad Consulting is not NEW to this game. We are here to provide a professional and courteous relationship with prospective clients and honest assessment of our role within your request for service. If we believe that we cannot execute to 100% your request, we will help find someone who will. Let us craft the PERFECT procurement strategy for you.

100% Commitment to Clients

We are not just here to hold your hand or sell you products. We are forging long term relationships with our clients to help them manage the ever changing landscape of their business and business requirements. We want to be part of your family.

International Support

WE are currently importer of record with Canada and beyond. Bringing opportunity for our out of country clients to have access to the products we currently represent here in the USA. We are fighting to bring otherwise difficult to proucure items to your doorstep no matter where you live!


Some of our projects include products that require specific certification and validation. Our current PPE support requires that our vendors provide adequate proof of FDA certification, manufacturing principles and proof of delivery. Yellow Toad Consulting is here to manage quality of the products and mitigate concern over your PPE procurement process.

Supply Chain - Warehouse Management

Yellow Toad brings nearly twenty years of experience in development and engineering of systemic modifications and technical additions to current working systems. Working on both large scale development of long term system integration, along with handling smaller scale professional service updates and implementation. Yellow Toad has worked with technologies ranging from Object Oriented programming to a broad range of data base technologies. Knowing the flow both in business and in logic makes it a requirement to have a great ability to communicate ideas and concepts.


Supply Chain and Warehouse Management Services.


We have worked with multiple integrations of systems ranging from legacy business application software to the latest platforms. WE find a good challenge is not only acceptable but expected.


Spending nearly 15 years developing professional service upgrades to an existing WMS will give you the kind of back end chops needed to hang with today's execution software modifications. If we don't know the language we will either learn it or find someone who does!


We have worked with teams managing the deployment of these large scale systems in all sorts of environments. We are finding that moving environments to the cloud is the next step in mitigation of local risk and storage. We are here to help you get to that next level


We're people kind of people. We integrate easily into existing teams and projects as we understand that you are only as successful as the teammate you can be. WE pride ourselves on adding value in the boardroom and at the white board. Let us join your team today.


We adapt to almost any environment. WE learn on the fly, live on change and react to the shifting tides of requirements. Its important to bring a healthy level of flexibility to any project. Times changes. That is certain!


We have done this before, and we have individuals who can attest to our performance. Just ask us and we can point you in their direction.

Global Supply Chain Software Expense (Billions)

Produtivty Increase with properly integrated Inventory Management Software

Companies not currently using Supply Chain Visibility Software

Professionals who say analytics will be important in reducing landed costs.


Built on experience and long enduring friendship, our executive team is the backbone of YTC success.

President/Owner John Millard

John Millard

Owner/President Yellow Toad Consulting

Started in 2009, Yellow Toad was created to provide catered client relatioships in efforts to grow better processes and programs. John brings over 20 years of experience in supply chain, warehouse management and logistics. Providing sales and support from time of order through delivery!